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isadisgrace.com is a service where those of us who are fed up with being run down by the monopolies and cartels and mega-corporations can find a place of refuge in which to share experiences of these organisations' tendency towards arrogant behaviour. They may pretend to be caring, full of "customer relations" and cuddly PR, but the fact of the matter is that they really don't have the inclination to investigate and deal with customer complaints, since they all know that most punters will go away after a relatively short battle, if ignored and forced to trail around enough phone switchboards and web victims, and who can really spoil your day if not put firmly back in place at every opportunity.

So now you can help IAD spoil their day, by helping to negate their vast PR and marketing budgets with a few home truths about what really goes on, when you are a victim of their tireless efforts to make a profit with as little customer support as possible, by papering over poor service with specious PR.

Advertisers! If you are a competitor of one of the organisations in the pillory - what better place could there be to spread your alternative wares in front of a receptive audience? There is one point to bear in mind though, you need to have the confidence that you do not employ (and empower) any stupid people on your staff to damage your good name, and that your customer relations process is responsive and works. So, dear reader, anyone with the balls to take advantage of their competitors' discomfort and embarrassment on this site is pretty much guaranteed to endorse the general principles we espouse - namely common sense and access. You should support them with confidence.


Most large organisations now seem to believe that they they can safely ignore customer complaints, because of the simple inertia involved in complaining using their own massively convoluted procedures - and the equally tedious process of "official channels". At an incredible 40,000 complaints a year, Lloyds Banking group seem to prove this presumption that they feel they safely ignore most poor service. And those are just the listed complaints, no mention of exasperated users who simply give up in despair.

So search Google for likely and common search phrase like "PCWorld BIOS bug fix" and we are listed at #1 on Google, with precious little effort at SEO. PC World might run from their customers when the support issues get sticky, but they can't hide from Google.

If you are having a dispute with a large organisation and would like to bid to be first to utilise the perfect web address to embarrass them with - [theirname]isadisgrace.com, then contact us on enquiries2018@isadisgrace.com


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