Treat any dealings with this company with great caution .

Don't be taken in by their glossy website and soothing marketing blather.


Ask them how their customer satisfaction survey is compiled.

Then check  Curry's appliance repairs...



 I am not including JJ in this since you have decided to take the matter on directly, and advised that you back JJ up.

 So their input is no longer necessary - and my complaint is with Glotech, which will simplify this process.

 When I called Glotech today, I was told JJ emailed me today – I could find no trace of any email. You then routed my call through to them directly.

 Considering that JJ had previously failed to contact me following an assurance that they would - before Christmas - (when I was not warned that JJ would be shut for the duration)  I am not being unreasonable when I doubted if they had actually sent the email.

 You and I both know our relationship in this process has been less than satisfactory so far, and you might have taken care to be more diligent. When in a hole etc.

 This is not a separate fault. The fault I reported on December 18th was on the day after I noted the problem  - precisely the same fault that caused me to contact Glotech on August 21st:

 “Water dispenser and ice maker stopped - the filter hasn't been changed in a while, I guess that could be blocked ?”

 If the problem has since escalated because you/JJ have not responded to my  first advice in a timely manner,  all problems are yours, not mine.

 One aspect that particularly irritates me is that chose Glotech since I was lured in by the “come on” price - when less for I could have used Currys – which provides a 12 month warranty:

·         Glotech:-


Currys offer is….

Covers you for the fault we repair and protects you against general breakdown”



..which includes parts up to £150 and 12 month warranty – with the £110 option for a general 12 month warranty


Anyway, this time I called Currys. Wisely as it turned out.


In the course of the conversation, the Curry’s rep took the details and serial number and asked if I had ever had Samsung show up to fit a modified part - as what I described was such a well known issue that Samsung had been obliged to issue a field repair. And even though the fridge was sold in 2006 (by Currys) I was still entitled to this “upgrade”.


Because the fridge had not gone wrong previously – it was used as a drinks cooler rather than “working fridge” and had lead a very quiet life - no one has checked the serial number out – whereas I suppose these days product tracking from purchase to recycling is followed every inch of the way.

 From the Suffolk Trading Standards website:-

 Samsung Electronics have announced a programme to visit the homes of customers in the UK and Ireland to resolve an issue that is potentially related to certain now-discontinued RS21 and RS60 range of fridge freezers, manufactured between March 2005 and June 2006.

 Samsung Electronics has decided to take this action following investigations into a possible deject in the assembly of the models’ defrost system.”


 Samsung RS21 and RS60 fridge freezers safety notice: Potential fire risk

Last updated on February 7th, 2017


 Samsung have had to organise a “home-visit & repair programme” to deal with a potential fire risk in their RS21 and RS60 range fridge freezers. Their own announcement on their web site said that “in very rare cases, there is the potential for internal sparking to occur and in consequence, damage to the appliance.”

However, some press articles used more dramatic phrases (Which have since been removed from their web sites)

Latest update

Samsung fridge freezer

As of March 2014 Samsung have extended this safety notice to include ALL RS21 and RS60 fridge freezers no matter when it was made. Initially it was only for models made within a certain date range, this was extended to include more models later and now Which? are reporting it’s all of these models regardless of purchase date plus the models listed below. You may also want to try this telephone number 0800 988 0123

These are the models either affected directly, or as Samsung say, use a similar defrost system so should also be checked –

·         RS21

·         RS60

·         RSE8

·         RSH1

·         RSJ1

·         SN62

If you have a Samsung fridge freezer

To be sure if your model is affected you should check the model number (where is the model or serial number on a fridge or freezer?). According to Which? the Electrical safety council have advised anyone with one of these model which hasn’t been modified by Samsung should stop using it immediately and contact Samsung.

Unfortunately all my links to help on the Samsung site have had to be removed. This is because it seems all manufacturers take these pages down as soon as they think they can get away with it. This is understandable to a point but it’s disgraceful. Only today (Feb 2017) I’ve had an email from a consumer who has one of these affected fridge freezers. She was shocked to find this page whilst researching a different fault – especially as she registered the appliance with Samsung. This shows that many people can slip through the net and continue to use a dangerous appliance. Manufacturers should be obliged by law to leave (and not move) notices about potentially dangerous appliances for at least 10 years.

It goes on:-

“On last night's Watchdog Samsung were slammed for problems with their American styled side by side fridge freezer, the RS21. The show basically stating that customers can experience a noise and lack of cooling in the fridge due to an over frozen fridge evaporator. On top of this the model was shown to provide inaccurate temperature readings in the digital display panel. 

Samsung did give a response that offers their customers a free repair if required.

Consultant engineer Malcolm Robbins who was featured on the show said that, "This fridge has a fundamental design fault because water which drains from the evaporator coil during defrost cannot escape. Ice forms on the coil, grows back to the fan, hits the fan blades and stops the fan running. After that the fridge won't work." Mr Robbins went on to say that he didn't think it was right that customers should have to pay for repairs and that the fridge was not 'fit for purpose'

This is the money shot:  - 38125 views

And so a Samsung engineer will take it over from here. I imagine after the Grenfell tower blaze they are even more sensitized to these issues – as you might also be.

I don’t think either you or JJ can add anything more, so please just arrange to refund all charges to my credit card - and I will not bother you again. If I have to take it further, you must appreciate that I shall have to add my time and costs in researching this matter and compiling the evidence to the claim.

Incidentally, you describe the company on your website as …

03904947 is the registered number of GLOBAL REPAIRS LIMITED

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